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Bahrain has dropped quarantine requirements for airport arrivals after discovering only a small proportion of passengers developed Covid-19 during self-isolation.

Officials in the Gulf state lifted the requirements after discovering that just 0.2 percent of cases – or 1 in every 500 passengers – became infectious during a 10-day quarantine period.

Travellers were previously required to stay home after taking an airport nasal swab, with a second test needed to exit isolation.

But following the rule change passengers only need to receive a negative result, which takes just 12 hours.

Dozens of countries around the world offer or accept coronavirus tests at their airports, with many introducing systems where a negative test will end the need to quarantine or reduce its length.

Bahrain has re-opened its borders to tourists and non-residents, including those from the UK, after the introduction of new Covid-19 testing measures.

Passengers holding electronic visas and those eligible for visas on arrival – from 114 countries and 68 countries respectively – are now able to enter the kingdom.

Bahraini citizens, residents, and GCC nationals continue to be permitted, as well as diplomats, military personnel, airline crew, and holders of official, service, or UN passports.